Andrea S. - Cleveland, OH


I am so happy I found your CBD products for my dad! He has been using the topical for his arthritis and he is able to join us on family outings again. Just amazing! - Andrea

Liu Wei - Minneapolis, MN


I am using your CBD drops for my tremors. It works well and I can definitely tell when I do not have it. It helps with stiffness and my mobility too. Thank you.

Maria G. - Dallas, TX


I have tried so many different things to help my son. I cannot express to you how grateful I am that I have found something that works! We finally have his seizures under control and he is happy! God bless you! - Maria

Alex W. - Daytona, FL


Nanopure is the best thing that has happened to me since I was diagnosed with MS. It has really improved my quality of life. - Alex

Cheryl S. - Little Rock, AR


I was so scared to try CBD. I was taught anything like this was bad. So not true. I lived with seizures everyday for years, and now thanks to my daughter and your oil I can live without them. - Cheryl

Debbie M. Wilson Ph.D - IL

Debbie M. Wilson Ph.D

I was seeking seizure control, pain reduction and improved cognition. I have a complex medical history and finding someone with the cannabinoid expertise CBDiva has literally saved my life! I was facing a dementia diagnosis post severe TBI! I had tried and failed at everything prior to my cannabinoid use and specifically the cannabinoid formula's the Pharmacognosist at CBDiva has the ability to provide! I Thanks to her knowledge and experience I am now seizure free (no more seizure helmet!), enjoying improved cognition and even out of my neck and back brace! Bless you! - Debbie Wilson Ph.D

Customer Testimonials

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